We are experienced in a wide range of operational settings, including acute and long-term care, home and community-based settings, and managed Medicare and Medicaid programs. As a trusted advisor, we give you the tools to make decisions that benefit your program and its participants.

Operations Consulting

Struggling financially? Not making budget? Facing utilization issues or a need for IDT training and support? Let us help.

Apply our PACE expertise and practical solutions to your operational challenges. Successful PACE operations, after all, require a complex mix of management, financial, and healthcare skills. We deploy more than 30 years’ experience in senior services to help programs fine-tune, correct, and implement systems, programs, and processes.

  • We can help your program:

  • Redesign your clinic or operate it more efficiently

  • Expand operations and grow census

  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalization or nursing home utilization

  • Effectively onboard new staff

  • Implement a fully embedded QAPI program

PACE Leadership Consulting

Starting a new program? Transitioning to new executive leadership? Growing beyond your management structure? Let us help.

Put our ‘boots on the ground’ experience and leadership acumen to work to support your mission—and your success. Together we’ll take a positive, practical approach to day-to-day operations and in solving your leadership and financial challenges.

  • We can help you:

  • Transition, mentor, or develop new leadership

  • Coach leadership on the intricacies of PACE

  • Provide temporary or interim leadership

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Survey Preparation

Worried about the CMS audit? Let us help.

Tap into our experience leading CMS and state audits in PACE. The new audit process is full of new forms and expectations, and it can be intimidating. We can help every step of the way.

  • Together we can:

  • Assess where you are and what needs to be done

  • Prepare submissions and help you survive survey week

  • Wrap up corrective action plans

  • Most importantly, we’ll put the systems in place so you’re successful in CMS audits for years to come

Interdisciplinary Team Development

Recognizing an opportunity for improvement with Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) training and support? Let us help.

A quality IDT process powers your success.  Cost, outcomes, and your effectiveness as a program all hang in the balance. We act as your coach, providing unwavering focus and expertise at both the IDT and managerial levels. When your team is successful, your outcomes are too.

  • We can help your organization:

  • Realize the power of an effective PACE IDT

  • Build team effectiveness and cohesion

  • Hire the right staff and onboard them effectively

  • Understand the link between good teams and good fiscal outcomes

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How can we help your program?