Advancing PACE Program Excellence –
At All Stages

Senior care can be complex, challenging even experienced teams and care providers. To help you achieve the triple goals of satisfied participants, quality outcomes, and cost-effectiveness, we provide:

Our seniors deserve all we can provide in the way of independence, health, support, and dignity. Their needs can be ever-changing and complex, challenging even the most experienced and dedicated teams and care providers.

At Senior Pathways, we embrace that reality. Founded in 2018 on 30 years’ experience in senior services and care, our firm includes a team of consultants prepared to guide and support your PACE programs at every stage. We bring a person-centered, outcomes-based approach to some of the most demanding areas and complex processes in today’s health care.

Everything we do is tailored to you, your patients, your market, and your needs. Whether you are seeking to enter the services market, turn around program performance, or mentor new leadership, we can help.

Mary M. Austin – Principal Consultant

For over 30 years, I’ve forged a career in senior services as a Registered Nurse, executive, educator, and consultant. I’m dedicated to making a difference for PACE programs and operators as well as for seniors and their families. I am passionate about serving the under-served as well as supporting those who serve them.

Throughout my career, I have cultivated and maintained a collaborative, people-driven approach to the often difficult and heart-wrenching decisions faced by the elderly, their caregivers, and their families.

I approach my operations work with the same mentality, helping to found new programs as well as lead program turnarounds, advance interdisciplinary team development, and foster other operational successes.

I focus unwaveringly on the triple goals of satisfied participants, quality outcomes, and cost-effectiveness. Whatever the challenge, I meet it creatively, efficiently, and compassionately. I want to be your trusted advisor, someone who knows you and works with you to provide exactly what you need. As a professional partner, I also collaborate with consulting agencies that will benefit from my operations expertise. Want to talk to someone who really understands? Let’s connect.


The Senior Pathways Team

Put our ‘boots on the ground’ experience and leadership acumen to work to support your mission – and your success. We help programs implement and fine-tune systems and processes, as well as hire and develop the right interdisciplinary team (IDT). Together we’ll take a positive, practical approach to strengthening your day-to-day operations so your program can grow faster. We can help you!

PACE and the IDT

Struggling financially? Not making budget? Facing utilization issues or a need for IDT training and support? Let us help.

In the PACE model, cost and quality outcomes are linked through the decisions of the program’s interdisciplinary team (IDT). The IDT provides and coordinates care in collaboration with the senior and his or her family. A PACE program cannot be successful unless the IDT is successful. The Senior Pathways team has many years of experience in PACE and is committed to promoting quality, satisfaction and cost effectiveness by supporting PACE IDTs as they carry out their important work.

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